Women after pregnancy experience different sets of mood. There is a dramatic transformation in her body which can remain similar for months. Moreover, there could be mental and body stress if she underwent cesarean delivery. Doctors usually recommend no heavy work to perform after delivery for a few months and to follow a proper diet. This is why yoga is considered to be the best to follow. Yoga after pregnancy can bring massive change in mental and physical transformation. Also called a postpartum body, the body needs relaxation and depending on the type of delivery the women underwent. According to Dr. Garima Tyagi, the leading gynecologist in Delhi-NCR, women need at least six weeks of recovery time after a vaginal birth and longer after cesarean. During this time, prenatal yoga is also recommended that will help your body to ease down.

However, there are certain precautions to be taken-

  • Post-delivery Precautions-

If you are practicing yoga post- delivery, then performing an easy posture is really important. If you have already done before, then you must have learned about listening to your body and not performing too hard. You need to keep in mind that you need to be back in shape. If you are breastfeeding, then you might get comfortable to perform workout by lying on your stomach that will squash your chest and knees. Always seek the assistance of professional to perform workout perfectly.

  • Joining the Yoga Classes-

It is obvious that once you deliver the baby, you are too much attached to it and need to feed it on a timely basis. But after months, if you got someone who can take care of your kid, then you can join the yoga class. Here you can perform different yoga poses under the guidance of professionals. Make sure the yoga teacher has good knowledge about the post-delivery workout. If you cannot join the class, then check out YouTube videos for the same.

  • Yoga at Home-

Some doctors recommend doing yoga at home so they can take care of the newborn. If you are doing it then below are few options to follow-

Yoga Warm Up Sequence

Perform warm-up sequences that can help your body to get prepared for the same. Check out for few of the warm-up yoga sequences watching which you can start practicing

Stretched for nursing moms-

Even if you are bottle feeding your kid, then you can practice for some stretches that can help your body on run.

Flow Sequence of classic standing poses-

Get back to the basics of yoga which can really help your body to gain confidence. You can perform different poses of classic standing.

If you are practicing yoga for the first time, then seeking assistance from gynecologist and yoga professional is really important. It is important to know if practicing yoga is right post-delivery and when? Performing yoga is certainly the best way to give your body practice of motion rather than resting and increasing your weight.