Abortion is a sensitive procedure medically speaking and if one has to undergo it should be done under medical care and a lot of precaution. If a pregnancy leads to a stage of abortion many facets need to be considered like if it should be done and if so when, how, why and by whom. It is the question of the mother’s health so care needs to be taken at every stage say Dr Garima Tyagi.

The decision of aborting the child can be taken under medical grounds for complications or it can be an unwanted pregnancy. Whatever the reason always takethe help of one of the best gynecologists in Ghaziabad or your town to undergo this procedure. Get all the information right before taking the decision.

There may be different kinds of procedures for abortion. You can choose the either medical termination or the surgical abortion. In the former case which is a noninvasive it is recommended to be done before 10 weeks of the fetus. You take a medicine orally and then you can get the lining of the uterus to shed thus causing to abort the fetus.

The latter is a surgical procedure usually when it has past 10 weeks and before the end of 12 weeks and sometimes in a crisis up to 20 weeks. You may have to go for this procedure when medical termination is not possible.

In both these cases know about the pros and cons of the procedures and also about the after care. There may be some legal implications too and your gynecologist may recommend you to follow the legal procedures in order to avoid complications in the future.

You may be advised adequate rest which you need to follow promptly for your better health. Avoid all the activities that your gynecologist suggests. Also indulge in sexual activity only as per the gynec’s guidelines. This will save you from some infections. Whatever be the case go for a safe abortion procedure giving preference to your overall wellbeing.