A pregnant woman usually carries only one fetus but it is not rare to find women getting pregnant with more than one child. So does the mother to need to take extra care in such a situation. Indeed, during a twin pregnancy, some extra care is needed especially on the exercise and diet front says, Dr. Garima Tyagi.

Usually, a pregnant woman is advised to eat for two when she is pregnant but this is really not needed. Yes, a pregnant woman needs to eat a little more and take proper diet. Especially she should include the needed vitamins and mineral salts that are needed for the proper growth of the fetus. When it is a twin fetus this should be increased correspondently so that none of them, the children and the mother, gets deprived of the essential items.

Dr. Garima Tyagi(39)

A twin pregnancy can be challenging but with the help and advice of the best gynecologist, this can be faced with ease. The diet needs to include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The mother should not forget to include more of protein-rich food in the diet. Then the important vitamins and mineral salts should be taken without fail during these nine months and also beyond. Yes, the same kind of advice is given to any pregnant woman but one carrying a twin needs to add more supplements as the mother needs to take these for three months instead of two.

The pregnant lady should keep herself hydrated and so drink the adequate amount of water. Usually, a pregnant woman craves for food and this should not lead to snacking on junk food or items that can be unhealthy. Healthy snacks are recommended by the top 10 gynecologists. This amount of food can be increased a little more when she is expecting twins. Processed food should be avoided at all costs by all whether she is carrying, or nursing as this can adversely affect the children.

When a twin is expected weight gain also should be in correspondence with the weight of the mother and two children she is carrying. Too much of gain may not augur well at the time of delivery. Twins can be delivered via a normal delivery just as the usual one child delivery unless there are other complications which may necessitate a c section.

Coming to the exercise, this should be done strictly on the advice of an expert recommended or approved by your gynecologist. When a woman is carrying a twin the stomach may be a little more bulged than usual. The bulkiness may pose a few difficulties while moving about, sitting, standing or even sleeping. Take tips from your gynec or exercise coach to know some good posture and exercises that can keep you comfortable.

All in all, you can say the twin pregnancy is the same as any other normal pregnancy but the woman needs to take a little extra care to stay healthy and comfortable and deliver healthy babies.