There can be different kinds of transformation in the body during pregnancy. The increase in vaginal discharge is one such change that occurs during this period. You need to check the kind of this discharge.

If it is white in color and odor free you can be out of worry as this is due to the secretion of pregnancy hormones. This is a sign that the vagina is healthy. If there is excess of discharge it is a signal that there is a chance of occurrence of some infection. This may happen because the natural balance of the bacteria in the vagina gets disrupted by this excess discharge.

Mainly four kinds of infections can occur during pregnancy. These are yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, Trichomoniasis and group B strep. It will be advisable to visit your gynec in case you observe some abnormality or itching in the vaginal region is the opinion of Dr Garima Tyagi.

It becomes easy for the expert to treat when such kind of infection is detected in the early stages. A prompt diagnosis is needed as there is a very thin line between a normal discharge and abnormal discharge.

The causes of each infection are different and accordingly treatment plans and preventive tips are to be followed. So it is important to contact a gynecologist at the earliest to know the kind of infection. Only on testing will the doctor know the kind of infection and accordingly the treatment will be offered.

It is advisable to always pick one of the best gynecologists in Ghaziabad or in your town for treatment and also consultation for your pregnancy. You will be safe in their hands and you will get the best of treatment cost effectively. You need to first find the top 10 gynecologist in Ghaziabad or your town and then pick one of these to get the best of treatment and hassle-free pregnancy

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