But a few women do face some complications during their pregnancies. A few of them include says Dr Garima Tyagi.


Premature labor and birth


Gestational diabetes

Placenta Previa

Low amniotic fluid

Ectopic pregnancy

There are different causes for miscarriages like abnormal chromosomal count, improper getting pregnant and bearing a child is a law of nature. This has been happening since ages and will continue to happen as long as there is life on earth. Most of these pregnancies in women are normal and there are no complications at all.

implantation of egg, to young or too old, genetic, uterine or cervical problems that can lead to miscarriage. Usually when you see some bleeding during the first trimester it can be cause of concern. You need to visit the gynecologist so that proper checkup is done and necessary steps are taken to rectify any disorders.

 Dilation in the cervix before reaching of 37 weeks is a symptom of premature birth. If you notice this, you need to rush to the hospital and take necessary steps under the guidance of a gynecologist.

Those with high blood pressure and likely to suffer from preeclampsia. Proper care is needed for such expectant mothers and will be provided by an expert gynecologist from the start when this has been diagnosed.

Some women may be affected by diabetes even if they are not diabetic. Usually a sugar screening test after the 24th week will let you know about the presence of gestational diabetes. If positive proper treatment plan is shared with woman to follow lest there are no complications during child birth.

In some women the placenta can lie too low leading to placenta Previa. If detected proper treatment plan is made by the doctor who is one of the top 5 gynecologist in Indrapuram to make the delivery as easy as possible. And usually c section is resorted to for delivery.

Some women do have low amniotic fluid and this can create many more complications. The woman is closely followed and if needed an early labor is induced to keep the mother and babe safe.

Ectopic pregnancy is the condition where the fertilized egg may get implanted outside of the uterus. This causes several complications and usually ends in ending of the pregnancy.

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