There are some gynecological problems that the adolescent girls can face. Most of them would not know that it is a problem. Even if they knew they would hesitate to talk about it or would be shy to say it openly lest they are made fun of.

Dr. Garima Tyagi

So it is the duty of the mother or the caretaker to guide them and update them about some of the problems they can face once they are on the verge of attaining puberty says Dr. Garima Tyagi.

If the mother is not able to explain they girls can have a session with a well-known gynecologist who can keep the girls informed about the different problems, they can face. Of course, not all will be facing them but when someone is facing any it should be resolved as soon as possible to avoid some complexity in future.

So what are these gynecologist problems the teenage girls can face?

Menstrual disorders-girls normally start menstruating somewhere between the age of 11 and 15. The initial periods may not be regular and also the flow may be scanty or too copious. But if this persists or if the girl hasn’t menstruated before 15 a gynecologist needs to be contacted.

Dysmenorrhea-having a painful period occasionally is normal. However, if the pain is unbearable then a gynecologist needs to be consulted at the earliest.

Secondary amenorrhea – some girls may not get their period regularly and also may have a gap of 5-6 months between two periods. If this continues for long, then a visit to the gynecologist becomes necessary.

Vaginal discharge- vaginal discharge is normal but if itching accompanies this then it may cause some irritation and the girl may feel embarrassed too. consulting a doctor and getting some treatment for this would set the things right and the girl can have some peace of mind.

Ovarian cysts- in some girls, ovarian cysts are found to be formed. The earlier it is known the better. There may be a pain in the pelvic region and also vomiting and nausea. The sooner the tests were done and this is treated the better.

Endometriosis- a persistent dysmenorrhea may be due to this disorder so the doctor may advise some advanced treatment and also surgery. If dysmenorrhea is found, then it is the high time a good gynecologist is consulted at the earliest.

HPV infections- teenage girls may get HPV infection and then it needs to be treated at the earliest. The girls can get vaccinated to prevent the occurrence of HPV.

Overlooking these may be detrimental to the future sexual life of the girls so if there is any abnormality seen in the menstrual cycle it is advisable to contact your gynecologist. Dr. Garima Tyagi is one of the best gynaecologists in Ghaziabad.

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