Having a little stress is very normal. However when this stress affects your day to day life and you stay depressed for long hours it is a cause for worry. Just like any ordinary person a pregnant woman too can get stressed.

Especially when she is carrying for the first time it is quite natural to be stressed and anxious. But the level of stress should not go high then it may be really bad for the health of the mother and the baby.

So how would you cope with stress during pregnancy? Here are 10 tips any pregnant lady and take to reduce the stress during this crucial period as said by Dr Garima Tyagi, Sr. Gynaecologist at Shree Narayan Hospital.

  • The mother needs to focus on her health and that of the baby. She needs to stay relaxed and not panic for anything.
  • You can also chat to the unborn baby and keep your mind away from the things that are plaguing you. If it is not a first baby you may be able to cope with this stress but a first timer may find it difficult but she has to for the sake of the baby and her.
  • The stress may be due to the worry for the baby’s well being. Then you need to talk about it to the doctor and the family so that the things get sorted.
  • Just panicking for everything and neglecting the food may be harmful for the health of the baby as well as the mother. Eating well will keep you hale and healthy and you will be able to handle the labor with ease. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. If in doubt get a planned diet chart from the doctor and follow it.
  • Another aspect is exercise. There are some dos and don’ts that you need to follow in this and always go by the doctor’s advice.
  • Prepare for the birth of your coming child. You have ample time. It is high time you overcame the fear of labor pain and birth pangs. Talk about it and stay relaxed. You can listen to music or read some books on the positive side of motherhood and pregnancy. You will get a lot of boost.
  • Prepare for the family life. Talk to your elder child about the coming baby and know what your husband feels about the baby. Any concern regarding its coming should be sorted before its birth so that it is welcomed with a whole heart.
  • An extra member of the family is extra expense. You need to save up enough for the hospital expense and then prepare yourself for the extra expense for the coming baby well in advance.
  • Always stay relaxed and do not worry over small things. If there is any cause for worry talk to the concerned person or talk to the doctor and find a solution for the matter as soon as possible.
  • Look after your overall health and don’t neglect it. You are going to have some sleepless nights after the birth and know everything about motherhood beforehand from books and some elderly ladies at home.

If you are to follow all these tips your pregnancy will pass off smoothly and you will deliver a hale and healthy baby and you too will stay healthy both mentally and physically.