Fear of pregnancy can be one of the reasons some women may not wish to conceive. Also the fear is so high that such women may not be able to conceive at all. So when such women do not conceive there may not be much to worry for the near and dear ones says Dr Garima Tyagi.

Practising at Shree Narayan Hospital Ghaziabad she says during her long experience as gynaecologist she has come across a few cases where women were not willing or not able to conceive due to the fear of pregnancy.

Dr. Garima Tyagi

The trouble starts when such a woman who has a phobia of pregnancy gets pregnant. Such a woman may wish for an abortion. If the situation is too bad and there is the risk of the woman being mentally affected by this then it may be advised. If the woman has had some stress related traumas or some kind of mental condition then abortion can be advised. Otherwise the fear may get the better of the woman and she may become mentally deranged and the situation will go out of hand.

Most of such kinds of fear can be overcome by counselling. The first thing the doctor does is to find out the source of the fear. It may have stemmed from experiencing a bad child birth of some near and dear one where the person may have died. Also sometimes some horrific stories related to pregnancy and child birth do the rounds and this affects the psyche of many instilling a fear of child birth and pregnancy.

All these kinds of fears can be expelled from the mind of that woman with counselling and taking them into confidence. Also if the fear is of labour pain and child birth it can be dispensed with giving the woman a choice of c section to give birth to the child. The family too can play an important role when a woman fears pregnancy and/or childbirth.