The absence of monthly periods or menstruation in women is termed as amenorrhea. This can be one or two missed periods sometimes and then the normal routine of monthly periods may restore. This is not a cause for much worry. Sometimes it may continue for more than two months then it can be a cause for worry.

Natural amenorrhea can be due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or even menopause. Then these are not signs of any disease. These occur in the life or a woman as a natural process. It is other than these causes that amenorrhea needs some treatment.

`Dr. Garima Tyagi

It is high time you consult a gynaecologist like Dr Garima Tyagi. The doctor will do some tests and may be able to tell you the causes and also will provide with a treatment so that your regular periods will resume. It will be good to visit an experienced doctor for consultation as the chances of detecting any complications early are high.

This above mentioned doctor is working in Shree Narayan Hospital Ghaziabad.  Such a doctor can diagnose the underlying disease soon which will help in starting the treatment process soon.

If you are suffering from amenorrhea and the cause is not natural then you may need to have a deep and thorough check up to know the underlying cause of it.

Amenorrhea can be due to some medications, contraceptives, stress, thyroid malfunction, hormonal imbalance, cancer or tumour, or any other reason too. A good doctor will diagnose it early and also offer the best possible treatment which can be surgery in some very severe cases. The severe cases may be due to uterine fibroids or any other such disorder of the reproductive organs or genitalia.

Only the treatment of these underlying causes can resolve the issue of amenorrhea completely. So if you continuously miss the period for more than two months you need a proper consultation from a good gynaecologist. It is advisable not to consult any quack or self medicate as these may make your condition worse.