A woman’s pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. Among them the second one is less stressful than the other two. It is from the 14th to the 27th week. During the first trimester the woman may be mentally and physically stressed out. She may need time to adjust to the changes that take place in the body. She has to cope with the hormonal changes also. Most women may have morning sickness too which is really bothersome.

In the second semester most of these nauseated feelings and vomiting cases and the woman feels more relaxed. Now she is able to eat more and which she would have avoided due to the vomiting sensation in the first few weeks.

Dr. Garima Tyagi

The general health also improves and she feels more relaxed as she is able to cope with the feeling of pregnancy and the changes it brings with it. At this time the fetus also will grow and it will show in the form of a bump on you says Dr Garima Tyagi.

The fetus starts to look more human now and gradually all the body parts start developing too. the baby may start making moves and occasionally you can feel the kick.

The baby gains weight and so will you as the days and weeks progress. It is a healthy sign but you need to be a little careful and follow the instructions of your gynecologist in taking of diet and also exercise. Usually a balanced diet is the best at every stage of human life so it is during the pregnancy. Do not avoid taking the nutrients and vitamins suggested by the doctor. This will help the fetus grow into a healthy baby. Also it will keep you healthy throughout your pregnancy as well as after the child birth.

Even at this juncture regular checkup and routine visits to the doctor should continue. A CT scan can show you the developments and the movements of the baby.  All in all you need to stay active during your pregnancy and more so during this period. You can do all your regular work but do not overload yourself and give some time for exercise too to keep yourself healthy and fit.

About Dr. Garima Tyagi

Dr. Garima Tyagi is the Sr. Gynaecologist at Shree Narayan Hospital. She is one of the top 10 gynecologist in Ghaziabad.