Menstruation in an adult woman is a natural process. Every woman has a different experience of her menstrual cycle. During this period of the month, the body of a woman undergoes several changes.For some, it is a normal bleeding for about 3-5 days while for others it can be a painful one. A few get their periods regularly and for the others, irregularity is the order of the day.

Dr. Garima Tyagi

The former group has nothing to worry. They can carry on their regular work and on these days and lead a normal life. Yes, they need to pay attention to their personal hygiene to keep them safe from any infection or complications.

The latter group cannot ignore this abnormality if it occurs regularly. Many a time some other symptoms may also manifest. For example, they may have excess bleeding or very scant bleeding. All these are signs of some medical disorder.

They need to see a gynecologist is the opinion of Dr. Garima Tyagi a gynecologist herself who practices in Shree Narayan Hospital Ghaziabad. She further says that such menstrual problems need the attention of a specialist or a doctor.

She highlights three such issues

  1. Amenorrhea– it is the absence of periods or is caused when an extended gap occurs between two cycles. Also when a girl does not get her first period by the age of 16 it may be due to amenorrhea. Hormonal imbalances may be one of the causes. Other causes include sudden weight gain or loss, ovarian cyst, improper medication, unhealthy lifestyle, or anorexia.
  2. Dysmenorrhea–   getting unbearable pain during every menstrual cycle can be termed abnormal. This may indicate a certain medical issue. This kind of a pain in the abdomen may continue beyond the menstrual week too.  There may be some other symptoms such women face during this period like vomiting, upset stomach, or diarrhoea.
  3. Menorrhagia– this is an abnormal condition where bleeding continues beyond the normal seven day period during a menstrual cycle. The cause may be fibroid, infection in the uterus, hormonal imbalance, and disturbance, change in diet, or inflammation.

Any woman who faces such problems needs to contact a gynaecologist as soon as possible and get treated. Though not life threatening, such issues can cause a few complications in future if left unattended. So contact your gynaecologist at the earliest and get it treated. All issues are treatable you only need to approach a good doctor like Dr. Garima Tyagi to get the best possible treatment.