“During pregnancy there number of factors to be taken care of. Sugar level is one of the major factors. During pregnancy women are told to maintain low sugar level. For some women its easy but for other women it may be not easy to maintain” said Dr. Garima Tyagi. Further continuing she added “I have seen a number of women during pregnancy find it difficult to manage low sugar level. In certain cases, one or two tricks work and lower the sugar level. In other cases, here are some factors which help to lower sugar level of women during pregnancy.” Dr. Garima Tyagi is the best gynecologist in Ghaziabad.

1- Probiotics

Dr. Garima Tyagi suggests that women with imbalanced or high level sugar should take food into account rich in probiotics. Probiotics are a kind of living bacteria which are considered to be healthy for digestive system. This bacterium helps in regulation of carbohydrate’s metabolism and lowers the level of sugar in women body. Natural yogurts and kimchee are recommended by Dr. Garima.

2- Fibers

Although, fiber is prominently known to be a nutrient that comes under carbohydrate but it does not cause the sugar level to boost. Indeed, fibers protect and maintain the digestive system. Thus, fibers enhance the sugar level of women during pregnancy. For fibers women may consume Oat commodities, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

3- Fat and protein

Protein is one of the major nutrients which boost energy in human body. During pregnancy, numerous of hormonal changes take place every week. In order to maintain such hormonal changes women are recommended to take food ingredients rich in fat and protein into account. Fat has been the most effective ingredient for lowering the sugar level during pregnancy. Dr. Garima suggests taking poultry, nuts, eggs, milk and such ingredients for protein and fat.

4- Low Glycemic food

Glycemic index is defined as numerous of carbohydrates containing food ingredients throughout the diet charts all over the world. Low glycemic foods such as beans, seeds, whole grains, oatmeal’s, barleys etc. These help in lowering the sugar level as they maintain the digestive system at average speed. Thus, low glycemic foods are recommended as significant for women during pregnancy.

This is an assortment of factors which are recommended by Dr. Garima Tyagi for balancing or lowering the sugar level of women during pregnancy. Dr. Garima Tyagi has been practicing Gynecology for over 25 years at Shree Narayan Hospital. Users can make appointments online at Dr. Garima Tyagi.