“Pregnancy is an amazing time period of every woman’s life. It’s either smooth for some or full of pregnancy complications for others. These complications aren’t that much serious and happen to almost every woman during pregnancy. Nausea is one of the issues. Women need to go through a stage during pregnancy where they constantly feel Nausea. Nausea is no harming pregnancy issue but makes women feel uncomfortable. It can be avoided” said Dr. Garima Tyagi. She is Best Gynecologist in Ghaziabad. She has been practicing gynecology for over 25 years and associated with Shree Narayan Hospital for long time.

1- Eat Snacks:

During pregnancy, it becomes normal for blood sugar to go down or get imbalanced. Thus, low blood sugar results in morning sickness that is Nausea. Low blood sugar causes due to the pregnant woman going without eating for eight to nine hours. Dr. Garima Tyagi advice “women should keep some snacks such as crackers, biscuits, rusks and others to avoid nausea. This trick makes nausea either go away or comfort it in few minutes.”

2- Prefer Healthy food:

Intakes of unhealthy food or higher intake of food ingredients or components containing high amount of sugar such as alcohols, sweeteners, caffeine and so on cause nausea. Dr. Garima suggested “women should prefer healthy food and try to avoid all food which consumes high amount of sugar. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and unrefined curbs must be included in the diet of pregnant women.”

3- Take sufficient Naps:

During pregnancy women get tired in no less time. Over tiredness result in nausea and make you uncomfortable for no good reason. To avoid nausea due to tiredness Dr. Garima suggested “pregnant women should take short naps into accounts throughout the day. These short naps help to overcome the tiredness and prevent nausea.”

4- Ginger is helpful:

Dr. Garima told “Ginger helps in removing the morning sickness or nausea during pregnancy. It has been observed in number of cases consuming ginger in food you eat during pregnancy result in disappearance of un-comforting nausea.” Women can add ginger in food they eat or can take ginger biscuits or other ginger snacks as a substitute.

5- Plenty of Water is always good:

Dehydration stimulates nausea during pregnancy. Thus, pregnant women are always suggested to drink plenty of water throughout the day and avoid other drinks which may result in nausea or dehydration. Eight to nine glass of water in a day is must.

This is an assortment of tips women should take into account to avoid nausea during pregnancy. Dr. Garima Tyagi says “Nausea is normal during pregnancy. If nothing works out, you may contact your gynecologist immediately.” For any query you may make appointment at Shree Narayan Hospital with Dr. Garima Tyagi.