“Menstruation is the most significant internal body process in every woman but from few years I have come across numerous of cases where women are suffering from ‘Absent menstruation and some of them were very depressed about this issue. Undoubtedly, the situation was sensitive.” Said Dr. Garima Tyagi. Further conversing about ‘Absent menstruation’ Dr. Garima Tyagi described various reason that might be the cause of such problem. She has been practicing Gynecology since 20 years and practicing it in Shree Narayan Hospital for a long time.

  1. Breastfeeding

    It is a fact that menstruation does not take place during pregnancy but some women get afraid when no menstruation take place after the completion of delivery and pregnancy process. Women do not worry in this case reason being absent menstruation is common after pregnancy due to breastfeeding or amenorrhea. However, slowly body adjust with the new activities and menstruation process starts later.

  2. Exercise beyond a limit

    Being healthy and fit is not at all a bad thing but “everythidr garima tyagi reviewsng beyond a limit can be dangerous” and so excessive exercise as it might be the major reason of “absent menstruation.” Dr. Garima Tyagi suggests “women must exercise into the circle of their capacity and limited work out which their body can hold easily, this habit of doing excessive exercise may further result in infertility due to internal body consequences.”

  3. Fat or No Fat

    Menstruation is the most sensitive and significant process in women internal body and however, it becomes “ stressful to go through absent menstruation situation.” In this case, one should first of all look at herself and find out if she is not overweight or too thin/fat less reason being “women who are either overweight or too thin hold higher risk of suffering from absent menstruation.”

  4. Medications

    Are you taking a lots of medicine which involves anti psychotic or antidepressants. However, usually, women suffering from stress, anxiety, depression take these kinds of medications which might cause imbalance in hormones of women and they face “absent menstruation.” Dr. Garima Tyagi suggests “consumption of antidepressants or anti psychotics could be dangerous to internal body of women, especially reproductive system which further can result in problems of infertility.”

  5. Physical Defect

    Today, numerous of women do not have any idea if they have some physical or structural defect in their reproductive organs until or unless they starts facing “absent menstruation” and consult their gynecologist. Dr. Garima says “it has been observed that these structural defects take place due to distinguished reasons like defected pregnancy, tumor, births defects, infection, surgery or can take place after birth.”

These were the various reason of absent menstruation described by her. Dr. Garima Tyagi suggests “Women must consider seeing a gynecologist immediately if they think they are suffering from ‘absent menstruation because this can be harmful or leave long term effects on women internal body or may not, but for staying on the safe side, it is advisable to see gynecologist.” Dr. Garima Tyagi is the best Gynecologist in Ghaziabad.

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