“Genital rashes have been very common between women, many women face embarrassment due to vaginal itching or genital rashes. Genital rashes can be due to numerous of irresponsible activities or hormonal behavior” opinionated Dr. Garima Tyagi. Dr. Garima has been practicing as gynecologist in Ghaziabad at Shree Narayan Hospital. To avoid such embarrassment, Dr. Garima suggested various remedies or ingredients which helps to cure Genital rashes.

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1- Salt Bath

Salt contains the property of killing bacteria and stop them from multiplying into more. Therefore, salt water helps in removing itching and bacteria and thus, cure vaginal or genital rashes. Moreover, it is advisable to add salt in warm water during bath and clean vagina regularly or at least once in couple of days.

2- Yogurt

Yogurt is a probiotic and common remedy to remove bacteria from the body or vagina. In order to cure vaginal or genital rashes, it is recommended to consume a cup of sour curd per day. Some people may not like yogurt to be consumed daily, in such situation one can apply yogurt directly on vagina, this cures genital rashes in less time.

3- Antibacterial Talc

There are numerous of Anti Bacterial Talc available in variety of herbal and medicated Talc. Antibacterial Talc are the most effective remedy to any kind of skin or bacterial issues. Dr. Garima recommends to apply anti bacterial talc over vagina, it cures genital or vaginal rashes in less than a week.

4- Keeping lady part Dry

Having moisturized or sticky vagina is the major reason of production of bacteria in the lady part which cause genital rashes or-vaginal itching. Dr. Garima suggests that women should keep their vagina as dry as possible through anti bacterial talc.

5- Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar remedy is the simple remedy to cure genital rashes or vaginal itching. However, it is recommended to add apple vinegar with warm water, and wash your vagina with this prepared liquid once in a couple of days. This prevent further production of bacteria in vagina.

These were the various solutions to cure genetically rashes or vaginal itching. Dr. Garima suggests to apply these ingredients directly on vagina as they stop the production of bacteria and kill the existing bacterias. Also, these ingredients do not hold any harmful effect or opposite reaction possibility.

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