Pregnancy is the most sensitive stage in life of every woman and a single ignorant behavior towards inconvenient body changes may result in complication for whole life. Dr. Garima Tyagi is a Gynecologist in Ghaziabad. She exercises Gynecology at Shree Narayan Hospital and accomplished success over 200 cases in relation to pregnancy. Through her practicing experience, Dr. Garima Tyagi suggests variety of natural remedies which helps in preventing Nausea during pregnancy because Nausea is common at this stage and can be prevented through simple remedies.

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1. Food

At the time of pregnancy food should be according to the mood and health of the women. Sometimes food that pregnant woman eats might cause nausea and result in sickness to the woman. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid the food whose smells trigger nausea.

2. Soda Crackers

Soda crackers are very effective in aspect of preventing nausea. Hence, pregnant women are suggested to keep soda crackers by their side and consume before waking up and also, recommended for digestion at the time of pregnancy. There is no side effects of soda crackers.

3. Restructure your meal schedule

Eating three time big meals result in nausea and heaviness or can cause digestion issues. To avoid these kind of complications it is recommended to eat smaller meals throughout the day because they are easily digested and lessen the risk of nausea.

4. Make dry food your first Priority

Food plays significant role during pregnancy. This sensitive stage demands dry kind of foods like dry rice, dry toast and plain baked potatoes and vegetables. Food and dishes rich in cream, cheese, butter and other heavy ingredients should be avoided.

5. Drink liquid or water between meals

Drinking a lot of liquid product or water can cause nausea easily because when we drink water or liquid product with meals cause instant heaviness in body. Therefore, it is advised for pregnant women to drink water or take liquid products between your meals instead of taking it with your meals.

Any inappropriate eating habit during pregnancy can cause nausea and nausea during pregnancy is the reason of weakness and might result in unhealthy pregnancy. Dr. Garima recommends to ask for a eating schedule from your gynecologist or your dietitian. This practice variate the risk of nausea.

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