Having a healthy menstrual cycle is essential for health and any kind of irregularity in menstrual cycle might be harmful. Dr Garima Tyagi, gynecologist in Ghaziabad conversed about this issue and said ” I’ve seen various cases include irregular menstrual cycle, this could be due to many different reasons” and here are different factors responsible for early menstruation described by Dr. Garima, Shree Narayan Hospital.

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1. Stress

Stress has become the most common reason for irregular or early menstrual cycles as stress creates an imbalance situation in stress hormones I.e cortisol and cause the menstrual cycle to shut down or become early. Long time stress may cause major impacts on health and cause infertility also.

2. Diet

Diet is a key factor of health which had major impact on menstrual cycle both positive and negative, diet can either improve and maintain your menstrual cycle or can imbalance it. A diet consists of unhealthy carb can lead you to over weight and boost in weightcause shifts in ovulation and cause irregular menstrual cycle.

3. Birth Control Pills

Either starting taking birth control pills or stop taking them, both cause an imbalance in menstrual cycle because intake or less dosing of any medicine or tablet cause interruption in hormones as body takes time to get used to dose you are taking or leaving. Dr. Garima explained that it takes almost 2 or 3 months for menstrual cycle to get back normal.

4. Exercise

For menstruation body requires energy and therefore it is advised to exercise in limits and only up to the level your body is capable to handleuntil or unless there is any need to boost exercise because over exercise left body with negligible amount of energy and cause irregular periods for long term.

“Therefore, any kind of activity which cause imbalance in hormones directly or indirectly can lead your healthy menstrual cycle to go irregular for months and may further lead to other health issues” said Dr. Garima Tyagi, Shri Narayan Hospital and suggested to stop doing any activity after which you start having complication in menstrual cycle.

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