Do you wish your baby in your womb to be happy and healthy? Also, do you wish your pregnancy to go ahead in a smooth and tranquil way? Then according to Dr. Garima Tyagimeditation is the key. Let’s see how!

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  • Hormonal Balance:

    Mediation stabilizes hormonal imbalance that ladies need to manage amid pregnancy. Sudden enthusiastic urges, instability etc can be very well managed through it. Keep in mind, just when you are at peace, will the little life inside you be secure and tranquil. Eagerness and a sleeping disorder can also be dealt with meditation.

  • Ease Anxiety And Tension:

    We don’t live in the era where ladies were kept within the four walls of the room. Truth be told, most pregnant ladies today are working ladies or have an incredible heap of responsibilities at their shoulders.

    • In such a scenario, pregnancy doesn’t give you a chance to avoid tension or anxiety. Mediation will help you relax, calms you down and mitigates your brain. Meditation will help you think clearly and sharp.
  • Energy and Immunity:

    It is difficult to carry a life within you. Pregnancy in the later months can make you drained and depleted. It can make you feel feeble and eager. Meditation will not only refresh your mind but revive your body as well.

  • Blood Circulation:

    It is important that your body maintains a good blood circulation during pregnancy. It will assure that you child gets all the required assets from your body. Deep breathing while mediating guarantees great blood circulation and will keep you and your baby happy.

  • Labor:

    Moms, in great pain, think that it’s hard to breathe during labor and begin panicking. Deep breathing won’t just help you concentrate but also supply enough oxygen to the child. This radically diminishes the need of emergency medical intervention during typical labor.

  • DHEA:

    DHEA or Dehydrogenate is a hormone that is important for memory. It guards your body against numerous diseases, boosts vision, immunity and nimbleness. Meditation guarantees a decent level of DHEA in your body. Once your brain and body are in a quiet state, organs will work much better.

  • The Connection:

    Meditation is also believed to enhance the connection between you and the little one in your womb. Once your brain is quiet and centered, you can co-ordinate with your child better. This is important for both the mother and the child. This connection will give your infant a conviction that all is good.

Since we know that a happy mother leads to a happy child! Here were some tips by Dr. Garima Tyagi to lead a happy pregnancy.