To have that little heart throbbing inside you is a feeling an experience every woman looks forward to. They say to gain one thing you have to lose the other. Pregnancy brings along with it many apprehensions and mood swings. It is a time when your moods will be soaring high one moment and dipping low the other moment.

This is a result of constant change in the levels of hormones and increased level of estrogen and progesterone. Though it is absolutely normal to go through such mood upheavals during pregnancy any abnormally increase in anxiety or depression levels should be reported to immediately.

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Some ways to soothe your mood swings before they reach a stage beyond normal are:

  1. Stop Overthinking

    Yes! That’s the first step towards having a stress free pregnancy. Your desire to have the baby accessories and room ready is understandable but don’t fret over it. Take it easy.

  2. Get Your Beauty Sleep and more

    That eight hours plus sleep is a great stress reliever. Get adequate rest and sleep. More sleeping means less time to think hence happy happy.

  3. Strengthen ties with Spouse

    Use this time while you two are together to strengthen your bond with your partner. A strong relationship gives the strength to sail through the mood swings successfully.

  4. Nature does Heal

    Spending some time out walking or doing yoga brings peace of mind. And it is better if this is done amidst nature. Nature not only relieves the sense of sight but also soothes the soul.

  5. Treat yourself well

    Getting pregnant does not mean you don’t need those relaxing facials, soothing pedicures, manicures and ever comforting hair spa! On the contrary this is the time you need it the most!

  6. Talk more

    Don’t hesitate in talking about your changing moods to your friends or family. Everyone takes this ride and is aware of how it feels. Nothing beats talking it out. Someone might be able to help you feel better but that is only possible if you reach out by way of talking.

Dr. Garima Tyagi the reasons related to mood swings during pregnancy and helps overcome the same. If nothing works for you and continue feeling depressed and over anxious you must see Dr. Garima Tyagi for immediate help.

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