Trepidation of labor has become an advanced pestilence among st pregnant ladies. Like never before, women are terrified about conception and what “may” possibly turn out badly.

If you somehow happened to ask a lady who is frightened about childbirth of why she feels that way, she’d most likely let you know that she is simply stressed that things will turn out badly, she won’t cope amid labor and childbirth will be a distressing event.

The following are some common fears which every pregnant women have in her mind. And Dr. Garima Tyagi helps in trying to overcome them.\

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  1. Episiotomy –

    Regular episiotomy is currently exceptionally bizarre practice in hospitals. It is just typically done to fasten a delivery in an emergency. This is on account of the fact that child or mother are getting distressed or the perineum is tight to the point that it is deferring the delivery process.

  1. Meconium

    Meconium in the amniotic waters around the infant is not usually troublesome. In case that your carer recognizes its vicinity amid pregnancy s/he will take a look at the master plan (all that is going on) and after that act properly on it.

  1. Labor Pain

    Any lady who’s ever heard a “labor pain horror story” – and who hasn’t – can’t resist the urge to feel fearful about the pain related to labor. Yet, Dr Garima Tyagi says that in case you’re even somewhat alarmed about how you will respond, converse with your doctor about your prescription alternatives well in advance of your due date.

  1. Pooping on the table

    It may not be life-debilitating, but rather numerous women dread they’ll kick the bucket of humiliation if what they see as a ultimate horror story happens – they poop on the delivery table.

While we can’t guarantee this won’t happen, but if it does then trust us, it is for the good. It is absolutely natural and OK to poop on delivery table and shows that everything is going well.

Fears like these and others could be easily overcome. So be happy and don’t stress. Dr Garima Tyagi is here to help you.

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