Most of us have a habit of visiting our gynecologist when there is a pressing need to do so. Some of us are a little wiser though and make regular trips for routine check ups. But do you make the most of those routine check ups or you see them as just another errand you have to do away with?

Well, just a check up for the sake of it is not enough. Don’t hesitate in talking, discussing or asking the gynecologist about a detailed status of your body health. Dr. Garima Tyagi vast experience and knowledge may benefit you in the best of ways to fight any gynecology related issues.

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Always ask the doctor following questions in your routine checkup if they apply to you.

  1. Extended Baby Blues

    Childbirth is a life changing experience. It’s not a secret that every mother goes through a period of gloom known as baby blues for about three months after childbirth. But if this period extends leaving you depressed and  stressed for much longer do talk to your doctor about it for corrective measures.

  2. Irregular Periods

    To have bleeding for two days one month and for a week next month is not normal. To discuss any irregularities in your periods at the earliest with your doctor is a safe bet.

  3. Painful Intercourse

    If having intercourse causes abnormal pain in your vagina it is a cause of concern. This is certainly something you must inform your doctor about to know what is not right and the cure for it.

  4. Planning in Progress

    If you decide to plan a baby do discuss things to be kept in mind while doing so for a quicker result. There may be many basic things you are not be doing right delaying conception. Dr. Garima Tyagi reviews the state of your body thoroughly to work on your chances of conceiving easily at the earliest.

  5. Fighting Menopause

    Menopause is a testing time in a woman’s life. The sudden hot flashes, mood swings, sleeplessness and other discomforts can test your patience at times. Keep your doctor updated with your menopause symptoms to spot any abnormal one at the very outset.

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