Adolescence is that time of life when major physical changes take place. It is that time when a carefree child becomes an adolescent with values and adulthood. Very prominent transition happens during adolescence.But there are some changes which are very common like

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  1. Vulvovaginitis

    Vaginal discharge and inflammation of the vulvar and vaginal tissues are the major problems that effect young girls. Because the changes are so new, girls take time to accept the prominent changes and often reflect abruptly to the changes.

    ->You must ensure that you wash the region daily.
    ->Make sure no dirt or pollutants come in direct touch.

  2. Heavy periods are common

    Since you have just started with periods, there can be possibility that you might suffer from heavy and irregular menstrual cycle. Heavy menstrual cycle is the most common condition witnessed in clinics.

    ->Try to eat healthy food.
    ->Ensure that you do physical exercise daily then be it for just 10 minutes.

  3. Dysmenorrhea

    More than 85% of adolescents claim to suffer from Dysmenorrhea. It is divided into two parts, primary and secondary. Primary focuses on anatomical cause whereas secondary focuses on organic pathology.

    ->Acquire proper knowledge.
    ->Inform your doctor.

  4. Uterine bleeding

    Uterine bleeding has become common now, it happens due to anatomical cause. Ovulatory bleeding occurs with stimulation of the ovary, development and follicle recruitment. Ensure that the bleeding stops at the right moment not prompting it to excessive bleeding.

    ->Try to know the exact reason
    ->Keep yourself hygienic

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