Female infertility is going viral these days. With the bad environment and unhealthy lifestyle women are facing a lot of fertility issues. Fortunately our medical science has grown so high that they have determined the solutions regarding infertility.

Surprisingly there are a lot of ways which can be used to eradicate infertility. These measures are proved to give perpetual results as well. The types of ways determined are:

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  1. Laparoscopy

    This surgery is for women who have been diagnosed with tubal or pelvic diseases. With the help of laparoscope which is inserted through the side cut near belly button. It removes the scar tissues, treats endometriosis, removes ovarian cysts and opens blocked tubes.

  2. Hysteroscopy

    Hysteroscopy is done by placing a hysteroscopy in the cervix of a woman. Through this placement the instrument assists in removing polyps and fibroid tumors, also it opens blocked tubes if any.

  3. Medical therapy.

    Often women suffer from ovulation. Thus the doctors prescribe medicines which induce ovulation in the body. These medicines also enhance fertility, as with the help of these medicines the unreleased eggs are released. These eggs when released remove the hindrance and thus giving a chance of fertility to happen naturally.

  4. IVF

    IVF is the most commonly used measure to treat infertility. In this procedure eggs are fertilized scientifically in a dish and are placed in the uterus. In simple words it is the way where sperm and eggs are fertilized outside the body and thus placed in a woman’s body. The embryo however takes the hold of fertilized eggs thus giving fertility a knock.

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