Morning sickness is one such thing which creates many troubles for the expectant mothers.  Though there are many causes responsible for morning sickness but it may vary from one person to another.  But there are few factors which are being considered responsible for causing morning sickness to the pregnant women.

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Some of them are:

  • High levels of hormones, including estrogen and progesterone which leads to increase in the stomach acids
  • Changed metabolism of carbohydrates
  • Fluctuations in the blood pressure, mainly lowered blood pressure
  • The massive physical and chemical changes triggered during pregnancy
  • Increase of hormone which leads to excess stomach acids etc.

Though morning sickness can occur anytime during pregnancy so it is important to be prepared to avoid it or overcome it to the possible extends.

Dr. Garima Tyagi w/o Dr. Vipul Tyagi, senior gynecologist at Shree Narayan Hospital suggests taking following precautions to overcome this issue:

  • Avoid taking drugs without consulting your gynecologist.
  • Avoid taking any eatery which can make you nauseous.
  • During pregnancy keep eating small meals regularly. Expectant mothers must try to eat something before getting out of bed in the morning as empty stomach can trigger nausea.
  • Consume liquid diet as much as possible. Taking soup, juice, lemonade etc. will be beneficial in avoiding dehydration.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes as it can constrict your abdomen.
  • Expectant mother must take rest whenever possible to avoid morning sickness.

Morning sickness in early pregnancy can be managed effectively so that you can have more time to enjoy being pregnant rather than always feeling sick. Following these techniques will be beneficial in lessening your nausea and vomiting.

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