Most of the women with early cervical cancers usually do not show any particular symptoms for the same. Though there are certain risk factors which are more responsible for developing the cervical cancer in women. Side effects and symptoms appear mostly when per-cancer turns into cancers and develops into adjacent tissue. At the point when this happens, the most widely recognized symptoms are:

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Abnormal vaginal bleeding is one of the common symptoms found in women suffering from cervical cancer. This abnormal vaginal bleeding can comes in the form of bleeding after vaginal intercourse, bleeding and spotting between periods, bleeding after menopause. Most of the time having longer and heavier menstrual cycle than the usual one can also be the symptom of this cancer.

The unusual discharge from the vagina in the form of blood which may occur after the menopause or during the menstrual period is also treated as the symptom for cervical cancer. Women with cervical cancer have also complaint of having pain during sex or vaginal intercourse. Though there are other factors too responsible for this pain still making a visit to a renowned gynecologist can help in treating any such problem.

Dr. Garima Tyagi suggests taking immediate check up if you found any such symptoms in your body as it will help in getting it treated on the right time. Ignoring these symptoms may allow the disease or infection to grow with a rapid speed by lowering down the scope of treatment.

Getting regular screening tests for cervical cancer will be helpful in reducing the risk of it by detecting it at an early stage. A women’s risk of cervical cancer can also be reduced by taking HPV vaccine before getting sexually active. A little awareness can make a big difference.

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