After the initial enjoyable phase of pregnancy, the later phase becomes tiring for many pregnant women. Morning sickness, fatigue, twinges of pain may make them feel exhausted and bored. But by doing some fun things they can make their pregnancy days enjoyable.

Dr. Garima Tyagi w/o Dr. Vipul Tyagi– senior gynecologist in Ghaziabad suggests pregnant women to try doing following things:

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  1. Go for a short shopping break

    Pregnant women can take a short and rejuvenating break for shopping. Once the baby is born, they hardly get time to go out for few months. So purchasing comfortable nightwear, post-delivery clothes, comfortable footwear, and stuffs for baby will make you feel refresh.

  2. Enjoy your hobbies

    Pregnancy is the period to indulge in terms of hobbies, food cravings, massages and even sleep. Though expecting mothers are advised to take it easy for a couple of weeks but they do not need to be bored by sitting at home. They can spend time by reading some favorite books or can even watch good movies. Listening to music will also be a good idea.

  3. Make special bonding

    In this age of scattered families, pregnant mothers needed to be loved and cared. Making friends with other expecting mothers or with their own mother or mother-in-law can be a great way to get emotional support.  They can use the leisure time to reconnect with their mother for getting pampered.

  4. Spending moments with husband

    Spending some quality time with your husband will be very precious. You both can have dinner together and decide the name of your baby as well. Love and support of husband will always make the pregnancy period a comfortable time.

By enjoying these things expecting mothers can make their pregnancy period to pass easily.

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